Luca Natali Stradivari

The Masterclass will take place in August 2024 at the Santarcangelo Auditorium “Lavatoio”, Italy.

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The masterclass will include one lesson per day of one hour each.

This masterclass will be open to spectators


What does “to create” mean? How do you come up with an original idea? How do you develop “stage presence” and charisma on the stage? How can I help you for developing your inner skills? I will do what a teacher should always do: inspiring his students.  

Through a series of exercises drawn from different disciplines such as improvisation, theater, and painting, I will offer you a wider vision of Art, helping you to find your own way. Composing starting from a painting or a movie clip, writing variations over a given theme, all these  are topics that will be deeply studied over our masterclasses.

The best students will be given the chance to visit freely my castle and to perform their own compositions in the Stradivari Palace in Castell’Arquato.

All my exercises are activities opened to any musical level that I have developed through my international career of composer and artist around the World and hold in International Colleges, Theaters, Art Institutes and Accademies.


Luca Natali Stradivari was born in Cremona like all the members of his ancient family. He has shown great interest since childhood for music and theater, a passion that will lead him to win many different international prizes for his compositions. Marked by an international attitude and approach, after the University of Nottingham’s BA in Arts and Music, he started to work as professional composer and performer of his own musical works around the World, especially in China, where he’s currently living, teaching music in a private Art Institute.