Training IMC

The Training IMC is an exhilarating and immersive program designed for aspiring musicians who dream of auditioning for prestigious Italian Music Conservatories. This transformative experience unfolds annually in the vibrant cities of Rimini and Pesaro, spanning from November to June, under the guidance of internationally acclaimed professors hailing from renowned Italian Music Conservatories.

Throughout this intensive journey, participants will undergo rigorous training, honing their skills and preparing themselves for the demanding auditions at the Music Conservatories. They will partake in instrument and voice lessons, delve into the depths of music theory, and immerse themselves in captivating audition simulations. Each participant will receive a meticulously tailored program, meticulously crafted to ensure their triumphant success in the auditions.

The Training IMC is a collaborative endeavor, brought to life in partnership with the esteemed Musical Association ClassicAllMusic. This exceptional association was born with the noble purpose of disseminating the rich tapestry of music within our region. It orchestrates an array of activities dedicated to nurturing young musicians, encompassing the illustrious International Competition “Luigi Zanuccoli,” transformative courses, enlightening masterclasses, and unforgettable musical events and concerts.

ClassicAllMusic’s mission is to champion music in all its forms, from the timeless elegance of classical compositions to the cutting-edge creations of contemporary artists. It strives to create opportunities for young musicians to showcase their talents through captivating concerts. Moreover, it endeavors to enlighten and educate the public about the profound beauty of music while fostering connections between individuals from diverse corners of the musical world.